How will this work?

At Brave Space, we recognize that in order to actually be a fully welcoming space, there is a lot of work that we as individuals and a community need to do. And so we’re doing that work. Beginning with the creator, Rev. Cara Rockhill, openly and honestly sharing with us the repentance process that
she is on. Looking into her own whiteness and privilege, and also taking an honest look at the role of the Episcopal Church, specifically the Episcopal Church in Rhode Island, and our role in slavery, racism, and the systems that are in place that emphasize white Christian supremacy.

A space for love, justice, and belonging

A community of people exploring modern spirituality

A community of people working together to understand the world around us and our place in it

A community of people who are curious about religion, but what happens on Sunday mornings doesn’t really work for them.

A community of people who want to do, and learn, and be.

A community of people who recognize that just because something has long been done one way, doesn’t mean that’s the only way.

A radically inclusive group of people that isn’t just welcoming to all people, all people are actually welcome. As you are. With whatever background you have.