Where is God in…Abortion?

Where is God in…Abortion?

We try to lean into difficult conversations at BraveSpace, to learn how to lovingly discuss things we disagree on. In a room of people with differing perspectives, we attempted to do just that on the topic of abortion.

There isn’t a political topic on which Americans are more divided than abortion, and our room reflected that. To me, there isn’t another divisive topic where I believe it is so easy to see how someone of a different opinion could reach their conclusion.

I think in many situations its easy to assign God to something as a way of supporting your belief. It’s much easier to pick a religious belief that matches your political ideology than it is to align your political ideology with what your faith dictates.

Abortion is one of those issues that is both political and religious. Being pro-life or pro-choice is more likely to dictate who a person votes for than any other political issue.

So how can I name where God is in all that?

When we started our BraveSpace meeting on this I admitted that it was a struggle for me to pinpoint one place where God is, because in this issue, I think God is all over the place.

God is both pro-choice and pro-life. God is pro-human, pro-earth, pro-love.

God is with the doctors and nurses; God is with the patients and the aborted babies; God is with protesters outside the building, and with those who escort patients inside.

Life and death mean different things to God than they do to us. Life and death is all we know, but God isn’t limited to the same binaries that we are.

I think that God wants all humans to be loved and cared for. God wants all of our basic needs to be met, regardless of where we live, the color of our skin, the amount of money we do or don’t have, the amount of education we have, or the religion we profess (if any).

God made us to be autonomous beings, charged us with caring for the earth and all of God’s creatures, which includes ourselves and other humans.

We humans tend to do a poor job of caring for one another. Income inequality, education inequality, resource inequality, access to basic health care and birth control, are all examples of places where we need to do better to help care for one another.

So where is God in abortion? God is all over the place! Right now, I think God is calling us to listen to one another. Genuinely listen to one another. Truly try to understand those who disagree with us on this topic. God wants us to better love ourselves and one another. This goes beyond political affiliation and to the core what it means to be human.

God is calling to us all to be kind and understand one another. To care for each other if we are pro-life or pro-choice; if we are a protester or have had an abortion; if we are adamantly and always pro-choice, or think that all abortion should be outlawed.